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Let Face Painting Take Your Event To The Next Level!

Face painting is the perfect excuse for kids and adults alike to dress up and add a little extra fun into any important event. Got a sports match coming up and want to support your favourite team? How about a kid's party that's crying out for something that'll keep the kids entertained all day? Whether it's an upcoming birthday party for the little ones, a fancy dress party for the grownups, Halloween, fundraising party for a corporate event or any other special occasion - Riot Art & Craft have all of the online face painting supplies you need to skyrocket your event and keep guests happy for hours.

We've made checkout a breeze, too. Just add your items to the shopping cart, pay and have them delivered to your door with free delivery across Australia for orders over $99. So whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane we can deliver all the arts and craft supplies right to your door.

Range Of Face Painting Accessories

Forget balloon twisting - body painting is the new way to inject some fun and creativity into any special event. Learn to face paint like a pro with our high-quality, professional face paint and face painting kit options. We sell:

  • A range of quality face and body paints by leading brand Art Star
  • Face paint brush kits by Artists First Choice with a selection of high-quality brushes perfect for face painting, acrylics, watercolour and poster paints
  • Face paint sponge dabber brushes by Hobby Line to help you cover a full face with ease and lay down the foundation of your beautiful design

Must-Haves For Face Painters

From a kids face painting party to a fun dress-up event for adults, there's some must-have items for face painters that no pro would be caught without:

  • Quality face paint in a range of styles, including matte, metallic and neon
  • A set of paintbrushes in varying sizes and styles, such as round, angled and flat (perfect for painting rainbows!)
  • A set of sponge dab brushes
  • Embellishments such as glitter dust and stick-on jewels
  • A spray bottle of water
  • A wash cloth
  • A mirror so the person can see your incredible design!
  • You can also get kids to wear a smock to prevent any paint spills

Face Painting Materials You Can't Go Without

The most important face painting materials are the face and body paint and the brushes. To get you started as a face painting entertainer, we sell Art Star face paint that's high-quality, safe and ideal for painting any type of design.

Our handy face painting kits with selected brushes will also help you paint a great face with ease. We sell flat, round and angled brushes and sponges by Artists First Choice, including long, thin brushes to help with outlining and creating immaculate detail.

Beginner Techniques You Need To Know About

  • Sponges can be used to create texture, such as adding fur to a cat or tiger
  • Stencils are a great way for beginners to gain confidence and create beautiful, intricate designs with a guide
  • Always spritz your sponge and brushes with water, not the paint
  • Rest your pinkie on the person's temple as you work to steady your hand and give you some warning if they move
  • Ensure the base layer is dry before adding layers
  • Spritz face lightly with water to get glitter to stick

What About The Paints?

Face paint comes in a few different types:

  • Cake face paint where you add water and apply
  • Liquid water-based paint for vibrant colours and easy removal
  • Face paint crayons
  • Glitter gels for easy glitter application

It's important to note that acrylic paints and other artist paints are not suitable or safe for faces and should be avoided. Our Art Star paints are specially designed to be used on the face and body, is non-toxic and perfect for use at a kid's birthday party.

It's All About The Templates And Brushes

You don't need to be a professional face painter to learn how to paint a great face. In fact, there's countless templates, tutorials and expert advice widely available online if you do a bit of searching first. Try these sites for some great ideas and inspiration before practicing on yourself and some willing participants before the big day:

  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • Youtube

Colours, Colours and Colours - The Sky's The Limit!

Colour is the most exciting part of face painting. It's what will truly bring a design to life and make the experience an absolute pleasure for your participant.

Face paint colours come in a dizzying amount of shades and styles, including:

  • Matte for bright and bold colours
  • Metallic for a pearlescent shine
  • Neon for special effects, such as adding a glow-in-the-dark look to a Halloween costume

FAQs About Face Painting

What Supplies Do I Need For Face Painting?

Before you start painting faces for special occasions like a pro, there's a few supplies you'll need to purchase first:

  • Face paints in matte, neon or shimmery
  • Quality brushes or sponges to apply the paint, such as our range by Artists First Choice
  • Bling, such as glitter and stick-on jewels
  • Stencils for complex designs
  • Water
  • Mirror

What Do Professional Face Painters Use?

Professional face painters come ready to an event with the following items:

  • High-quality face paints in singles, palettes and split-cakes
  • Extensive range of brushes and an airbrush in varying sizes and styles
  • Sponges to do a base layer and add detail
  • Cosmetic grade glitter
  • Spritzer of water
  • Water tub
  • Wet wipes
  • Mirror

What Is The Best Face Painting Kit?

A face painting kit will save you time and money. You can purchase face paint palettes for a convenient range of colours and styles to get you started. We sell face painting brush kits by Artists First Choice with all of the essential styles, including flat and round brushes.

How Do You Make Your Face Paint Look Good?

There's an art to making body paint look incredible. Follow these top tips:

  • Use a sponge to apply base layer and finishing touches
  • Wait for base layer to dry completely
  • Add texture using a stippling technique
  • Use a split-cake palette for a rainbow effect
  • Keep your hand steady
  • Use professional face painting products