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Black Tim & Tess Early Years Painting Apron SmocksSmocks
Tim & Tess Early Years Painting Apron
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Dark Slate Gray Tim & Tess Childrens PVC Apron Medium 50cm SmocksSmocks

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Goldenrod Art Star Polyester Art Smock 9 - 12 Years Yellow 72 x 54cm SmocksSmocks

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Enjoy Mess-Free Creative Fun With Our Range Of Quality Art Smocks

Whether it's paint, pastels and markers, glue, inks or something else - a high-quality art smock lets you explore your full creative potential without the fear of ruining your good clothes. Riot Art & Craft stock light and durable art aprons for toddlers, kids and adults by bestseller brands to make your creative session a clean and hassle-free one!

We deliver to any postcode across Australia with free delivery when you spend over $99. Add our range of art smocks to your wishlist or put them in your shopping cart for an easy checkout process. We've also got gift cards available to let the artist in your life choose a present they'll really appreciate!

Best Art Smocks For Creative Play Without The Fuss!

When you're working on your next masterpiece or creating a new DIY project for the home, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is keeping your clothes clean. Our art smocks are lightweight and made of waterproof material that makes wiping them down a breeze. We've got Tim & Tess kids art smocks for little artists aged 18 months and early childhood, plus Art Star smocks for older primary school kids aged up to 8 years old. Find them in bright, fun colours that kids of any age will love.

Finding The Perfect Fitting Art Smock

When painting up a storm, an art smock provides the best protection against unwanted spills and stains that can ruin nice clothing.

While a smock will do its best to shield you from splashes, it's always a good idea to throw on some old clothes first that are specifically reserved for being creative as some added protection. This can be a t-shirt, loungewear, pyjamas or other sleepwear.

The best fitting art smocks provide full coverage while still being roomy enough for moving around freely and having fun. For toddlers, you'll want a loose-style paint smock that properly covers rompers, bibs and nappies. Buying an apron that's loose will also give kids space to grow into them, ensuring they get good use out of them for many years to come.

Benefits Of Wearing An Art Smock

From little ones to adults who love to get messy while being creative, an art smock provides many benefits for having fun without the worry of getting your clothes stained and dirty. Art smocks aren't just great for painting, either. You can use them for cooking, gardening and other activities where accidental spills can occur. Here's some of the major benefits:

  1. Protect clothing and skin from stains
  2. Move more freely in a loose-fitting art smock
  3. Wipe off spills easily with waterproof material that's also machine-washable
  4. Enjoy unrestrained creative expression

Different Styles Of Art Smocks

We stock a great range of art smocks for kids and toddlers in a variety of styles to suit different ages and creative activities. Whether they're painting, drawing gluing, modelling or doing other messy activities, our aprons will ensure little ones have all of the fun without the mess. Shop our selection with these great features:

  1. Open back - An open back art apron provides excellent ventilation and freedom of movement while offering full protection to the front of your clothes where spills are more likely to occur. Our Art Star polyester art smock with an open back is available in vibrant yellow for 6-8 year olds and is the perfect accessory for any home or school art project.
  2. Long sleeve - For toddlers, young infants or any artist who loves to make a mess, a long sleeve smock is the way to go. This will guarantee the least amount of paint, glue, markers and other stains on clothes as it fully covers arms but can be rolled up if needed. The Tim & Tess Early Years painting apron is light, durable, washable and simply designed for easy wear.
  3. Front pocket - If your little one is a real budding artist, a front pocket is a great feature for carrying around pencil cases, pens, markers, kids’ paints, paintbrushes and other painting accessories. Our Tim & Tess PVC apron has a front pocket for storage and bunched long sleeves to keep everything in place.
  4. High neckline - It's important an art smock has a high neckline to cover kids from the neck down and protect the most amount of skin and clothing. All of our kids’ art smocks have a high neckline and open at the back for comfort and ease of getting on and off.

Activities To Make Sure You Have Your Art Smock In Hand

There's no shortage of messy, fun activities to do where an art smock will come in handy to protect your clothes and skin from accidental drips and spills. No matter what you're working on, an art smock will let you focus on your creation and let your imagination run free. Slip one on before diving into these projects:

  1. Painting and creating wall art
  2. Finger painting
  3. Watercolour painting
  4. Fabric painting and dyeing
  5. Drawing with markers and crayons
  6. Clay modelling
  7. Gluing embellishments onto surfaces

Letting Your Kids Really Be Creative

The true beauty of an art smock is that it allows kids to be as creative and messy as they want to be! Lay down some old beach towels or blankets, slip on an apron and encourage little ones to paint, splash, scribble, stick and mould to their heart's content knowing that clean-up will be easy and stress-free for the parents!

The Brands We Trust

From professional artist supplies and crafter materials to back to school essentials, kids craft kits and accessories, Riot Art & Craft stock the most trusted brands in the industry at the most affordable prices. Browse and shop these popular brands online today:

  1. Crayola
  2. Eraldo Di Paolo
  3. Tim & Tess
  4. Art Star
  5. Art Culture
  6. Holcroft
  7. The Paper Mill
  8. Artists First Choice
  9. Teacher's Choice

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Smocks

What Are The Best Art Smocks For Toddlers?

Art and craft with a toddler is both fun and very messy! It's no surprise that paint, glue, chunky markers and other art supplies can easily land on clothes or skin during the fun. When buying a painting apron for a toddler, choose one that's:

  1. Easy to slip over the head for putting on and taking off
  2. Lightweight, breathable material
  3. Durable
  4. Comfortable to wear
  5. Has long sleeves for maximum coverage

What Are Some Things To Consider When Buying An Art Smock?

An art smock can be a great addition to any creative session if it ticks all the right boxes. Before you choose one, think about these points:

  1. Activity - Consider the type of activity and age of the wearer. For eg, if a little one is painting, a long sleeve smock would be the best option
  2. Comfort - Smocks should be loose, comfortable and ventilated for easy movement
  3. Material - Choose a waterproof material that's durable and machine washable
  4. Eco-friendly - For art smocks that are easy on the environment, choose one made of natural materials such as organic cotton

What Is The Most Popular Colour Of An Art Smock?

There's no right or wrong when it comes to the colour of an art smock. In fact, choosing an art smock in your favourite colour is the best way to feel creative and be inspired to paint new work. At Riot, we happen to love yellow for a kids art smock - it's bright, fun and you can easily spot stains for washing off. Shop our Tim & Tess and Art Star ones today and use them with all sorts of kids painting and craft projects!

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing An Art Smock?

A paint smock is a practical item for many different art and craft projects. Whether you're a beginner or a professional artist or crafter, the right art smock will give you hours of creativity without worrying about the mess. Our Tim & Tess art smocks:

  1. Keep clothes clean and free from stains and spills
  2. Are easy to wipe down after painting or put in the wash for a quick clean
  3. Provide ventilation during painting and crafting with easy movement
  4. Allow kids to paint more freely and explore the full limits of their creative potential