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Get The Party Going With Our Range Of Quality Face Paint!

Face painting and body art takes an ordinary event and turns it into a fun, colourful and insta-worthy experience that's perfect for both kids and adults alike! Riot Art & Craft are leading online suppliers of high-quality, safe face paint and face painting kits to help you deliver professional grade face painting services that'll wow your guests and keep them entertained all day or night.

Buying our face paints and supplies is easy. Just browse the products using our handy filters and place items into your shopping cart for quick checkout. We have flexible payment options, such as Afterpay and Zip Pay to make our range affordable to everyone with free delivery to your door Australia wide for orders over $99.

Professional Face Paints

Professional face paint comes in a range of different types:

  • Water-Based - Great for beginners, affordable, doesn't melt and comes off easily
  • Powder-Based - Fast and easily applied with a sponge with quick drying time
  • Grease-Based - Also known as 'cake paint', it has a high staying power
  • Alcohol-Based - Waterproof and can be applied with a brush or airbrush
  • Liquid-Based - Commonly used with airbrush machines for a smooth, flawless and smudge-proof design

Never use acrylic paints or watercoloursintended for painting on faces as they're not suitable for skin.

Best Face and Body Paint

Riot Art & Craft stock the best brands in face paint and body art supplies for any occasion. Art Star are leaders in providing quality, non-toxic and safe face paints that are perfect for kids and adults.

You can use our face paints as the basis for creating any kind of design - from tigers and unicorns to fairies, dragons, ghouls, Disney characters, animals and so much more. The sky is the limit!

We also stock all of the face painting tools you'll need to bring your creation to life:

  • Paint brush kits with varying sizes and styles by Artists First Choice
  • Sponge dabber brushes by Hobby Line
  • Pencil cases and storage boxes to store everything in.

Colour Options For Face Painting

When it comes to coloured face paints, you have three different types to choose from:

  • Matte - for bright, bold colours used as the basis of your design
  • Neon - for adding special effects to designs such as a glow-in-the-dark scary face for Halloween
  • Pearl - for a soft, shimmery look that can add interest to designs and highlight certain parts of it, such as the wings of a butterfly

There are also split-cakes which is a palette of different colours placed closely beside each other. They're designed to be applied in a single stroke of the brush or sponge for a dazzling, rainbow effect that's popular with designs such as unicorns, butterflies, tigers and princesses.

Tips For Face Painting

  • Use a stencil if you're a beginner to help you learn complex designs
  • Wet the sponge and brush, not the paint
  • Use sponges  to add texture, such as fur
  • Steady kids by gently placing a hand on their head while working
  • Use a split-cake for stunning rainbow effects
  • Add some stickers for an additional 3D effect

What Face Paints Are The Best Paints To Use On Kids?

As a face painter, it's essential that you only ever use quality face paints that are non-toxic and specifically formulated to be used on the face and body. This is especially important when painting kids' faces as their skin is naturally softer and more sensitive than adults.

We've got quality face paints by Art Star that are specially created for use on kids. They're non-toxic, gentle and can be washed off easily with soap and water. Simply apply them using our professional range of paintbrushes and sponges by Artists First Choice and Hobby Line.

It's also a good idea to get kids to wear a smock while painting them to avoid any spills on clothes or skin.

Parties, Halloween and So Many More Events

There's never a bad time to add some face paint and body painting to a special event! Here's some events where face painting can be a hit with guests:

  • Kids birthdays
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Festivals
  • Themed parties
  • Weddings
  • Sporting match
  • Carnivals
  • Australian school fetes

What Else Can Face Painting Be Used For?

You don't have to be going to a party to enjoy the fun of face painting. Face paints are like confectionery for your face and so are commonly used in theatres, stage productions and film sets to transform actors into other characters and to create special effects. Adding a little extra eyeshadow or colour to your face for a photo shoot can add the finishing touch you need to your costume.

FAQs About Face Paints

What Are The Best Face Paints?

The best face paints are the ones that are:

  • Non-toxic
  • Specially formulated for use on skin
  • Bright and vividly coloured
  • Long-lasting
  • By a professional brand

We stock quality face paint by Art Star that's safe, high-quality and designed to take your next event to another level.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use For Face Painting?

A face painter needs to use face paint that's designed and approved to be used on skin. Never use acrylics or watercolours as you risk causing an allergic reaction to the person you're applying it on. Face paint should:

  • Be non-toxic
  • Approved for face painting uses
  • Wash off easily
  • Not transfer or melt in humidity

What Kind Of Paint Is Best For The Skin?

The best paint for skin is one that:

  • Is non-toxic and cosmetic-grade
  • Washes off easily with soap and water
  • Doesn't transfer onto clothes or furniture

Our Art Star face paints are perfect for adding that touch of sparkle to a kid's party or a much-needed splash of blood to a Halloween outfit.

What Different Accessories Do You Need For Face Painting?

For a successful face painting session, make sure you have:

  • Quality, non-toxic face paint
  • Professional brushes in flat, round and angled styles
  • Sponge dabber brushes
  • Glitter to add some bling
  • Water
  • Mirror
  • Wipes