Crystal Art Diamond Painting! The latest hobby!

With this Crystal Art Diamond Painting Kit you make the most beautiful creations !. Using "diamonds" or "Rhinestones" and a pre-printed pattern on canvas, stretched on a wooden frame, stick the stones on the canvas to create a beautiful painting.

It's quick, easy and relaxed to do, and the end result is so spectacular you'll love to create even more original Crystal Art paintings!

There is already so much choice in our Crystal Art Diamond Painting range that we have several appealing images for everyone (young and old).

Our Crystal Art packages come with a pre-printed canvas, stretched on a wooden frame, pre-sorted colored stones in separate bags, two work pens, 1 wax block, clear instructions, two sorting trays and a color number card. The canvas pattern on the wooden frame is preprinted with special glue. Simply stick the “diamonds” on the canvas according to the symbol list with the supplied work pen and wax and make a beautiful painting.

The Crystal Art pattern is printed with a special adhesive and provided with a protective foil.
Find the symbol on the pattern and look for the corresponding symbol and color number on the list. Then find the right bag of Diamonds and put it in the supplied container.
Dip the work pen in the wax, then pick up the Diamonds from the tray with the work pen and stick the Diamonds on the correct symbol.

Cover the cartridge with the protective film when you are not working on it!

Choose from our wide range and diamond painting is your new hobby!
There are designs in different sizes, so there is always a new and beautifully challenging Crystal Art design to continue painting!


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Craft Buddy Crystal Art Kit Wolves Northern Lights 40X50cm

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