The perfect accompaniment to easel work, this acrylic painting set contains a wide range of paints and brushes, as well as other drawing tools to help you make the best painting possible! The colours of zinc titanium white, black, burnt umber, burnt sienna, crimson red, vermillion, yellow ochre, lemon yellow, lime green, viridian, ultramarine blue and phthalo blue can all be found in this set, along with a fan brush, three rigger brushes, five round brushes and two flat brushes. These paints can be squeezed onto the included plastic palette, which is lightweight and easy to clean after use, and applied with the palette knife to canvas. This set also comes with a graphite pencil and eraser, perfect for lightly drawing your design on your canvas before you start painting. Finally, use the stylus tool to apply paint in small dots, or carve patterns in damp paint.


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Painting Art Sets

Art Studio Acrylic Painting Set 30 Pieces

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