Top Coat Ultra Hard Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin 4000ml 1:1 by Volume

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You can't add more than of Top Coat Ultra Hard Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin 4000ml 1:1 by Volume.


Top Coat resin: Can be used for anything less than 4mm pour depth--Coating, Wall art, tile coasters, jewellery, timber surface, Top Coat, alcohol ink paintings, colour mixing (high viscosity keeps the colours from washing out), doming, excellent for beach scenes, wave, cells and other effects with its high viscosity nature.


Directions for use: Mix resin and hardener EXACTLY in 1:1 ratio. Use a plastic or silicone container for mixing. Scrape sides and bottom of container to fully integrate products. Please use a mixing container that is clean and free of contamination. Tiny contamination would deteriorate the quality of final result. Do not use metal, especially aluminium containers to mix. Mixtures will turn milky colour in aluminium containers. DO NOT coat over 4mm. Multiple coats need to be applied to achieve thick coats over 4mm. Prewarming might be required to remove bubbles from thick coating. Once the product is coated onto the surface, do not stir or touch to avoid defects. You can use a lighter or flame torch to eliminate the surface bubbles. Curing takes 24-48hrs.

These are high quality products & MADE IN AUSTRALIA - NOT overseas products getting relabelled and filled in Australia, and please don't risk your work on the cheap stuff - can't tell you how many customers have told me they purchased the cheaper resin and it ruined their work - there are important standards for art resin.

Our Epoxy Resin have decisive advantages and benefits to the user over those offered by other brands. Premium products using premium ingredients from the best suppliers.  Eparency TopCoat Epoxy is a 2 part Epoxy resin which when mixed with hardener coats onto any surfaces and sets to a strong, hard finished product. Eparency is resistant to most household chemicals. This product can be used for outdoor.


Mixing ratio: 1:1 (1 Parts A and 1 Part B)

 Application temperature: Wide temperature range through summer to winter

 Pot life(working time): 1-2 hours (Data based on 100ml mixing; 20 degree C room temperature). Please pour this product into mould as soon as possible, to avoid bubbling.

 Time to reach non-tacky: 5-18 hrs Depending on the room temperature (Data based on 100ml mixing)

 Time to reach full cure: 72 hrs (Data based on 100ml mixing)

 Viscosity: 760 cps for Part A (Brookfield 20 rpm)

21000 cps for Part B (Brookfield 20 rpm)

 The viscosity of the A+B mixture is around 5000cps. Its not suitable for deep casting as it might trap some bubble in a deep block.

 Clarity: Pt-Co value < 10 for both Part A and Part B

 Compatibility: Binding to metal, inorganic materials including cement; glass, stone, natural materials including wood; particle board, most plastics except polyethylene, polypropylene, EPDM. 

 Available order quantity: 500 Mls, 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr 4 Ltr

 Shelf life: 12 months

 Manufactured in Australia by Eparency

 For material safety sheet, msg us refer SDS, do not swallow, keep away from children


Why you should choose EPARENCY Epoxy Resin:


★ No VOC; Zero Solvent; BPA Free; Eco Friendly; Meet and Exceed Australian Standard AS 2311-2017 and ASTM D3960-05

★ Crystal Clear Finish: Cures Crystal Clear. One of the clearest epoxies you can find. Suitable for wooden bar tops, embedding pictures, bottle cap table projects & more

★ UV Resistant Formula: Added UV Inhibitors resist yellowing when exposed to the sun and Ultra Violet light

★ Self Level Mixture: Will self level over surfaces including corners, bar rails and edges leaving consistent thickness

★ Impact Resistant: Cures super strong, leaving a smooth impact resistant surface

★ Minimal odour and NOT AT ALL yellowing after long period of time.

★ Easy To Use: 1 to 1 by volume mix ratio


Following factors affect the curing time:

Mixing quantity (the more you mix, the fast it cures and vice versa)

Room Temperature (higher room temperature will speed up the curing)

CAUTION: All epoxy share the same chemical natural. Treat this like other epoxy. DO NOT SWALLOW. DO NOT CONTACT. Use all necessary PPE. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.  

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