All Atelier acrylic paints have a signature versatile and viscous body thanks to its unique formula that gives artists a huge amount of creative freedom. Every paint is extremely flexible and can be used alongside other Atelier mediums to create a paint that will always meet your needs, no matter what they may be! In particular, these paints are known for being wet and pliable much longer than other acrylics, allowing you to adjust and blend without worrying about your paint drying out too quickly. A rich and dark yellow, the Arylamide Yellow Deep acrylic is the perfect colour if you're wanting to depict the tasty yellow of an egg yolk, the bright petals of a sunflower or even to capture the signature yellow of corn kernels! But for more general use, this semi-transparent paint can be used over other colours for a partial see-through effect.


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Atelier Acrylic Paint S3 80ml-Arylamide Yellow Dee

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