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The Art Studio A3 Poly Wallet
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The Art Studio Quilted A3 Portfolio Carry Case
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Gray The Art Studio A2 Poly Wallet FoliosFolios

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Keep Your Art Safe While You Travel With Our Quality Art Portfolios

Whether you're a student in art school, a hobbyist at home or a long-time professional artist, an art portfolio case is an excellent way to store your finished and ongoing works when you're not using them or when you need to take them from place to place.

As Australia's favourite online store for affordable art supplies and craft essentials, Riot Art & Craft have you covered with our high-quality art portfolios by leading brands, such as Art Studio. Shop our range of stylish and convenient artist portfolio carry bags, folders and wallets to suit different sized projects and transportation needs. With pockets, compartments and handles, you'll be able to carry your work around with ease, protect it from the elements and even store your art supplies for on-the-go painting and drawing.

Types Of Art Portfolio Cases

An art portfolio case comes in different styles to accommodate a variety of art types and support different artist needs. We have Art Studio carry cases with handles that are made for heavy duty purposes such as travelling frequently and transporting larger, bulkier artworks. We also have thin wallet types that are great for light, flat works such as drawing and calligraphy projects as well as lino printmaking.

We have carry cases with side pockets and sleeves for artists who want to take their supplies with them, such as our Art Studio Drafting Portfolio Case and quilted carry cases. Choose from different sizes depending on how large or small your work is, including A1, A2 and A3.

Art Portfolio Case or Wallet - Which One Do You Need?

When choosing an art portfolio item, you'll need to decide if you want a case or a wallet. If you frequently use acrylic paint, gouache or oil paint on canvas, a case will provide more support and usually have handles to easily carry canvases. It will also typically come with sleeves and compartments to store supplies, such as extra pigments, paintbrushes, palette knives and more.

If you draw or paint on paper, a wallet can be an affordable, no-fuss way to transport flat sheets of paper or a selection of display books and sketchbooks. Printmaking projects also work well in this type of product. Wallets don't have handles so you'll need to carry it in your hands which is why light, flat projects are the most suitable.

Comparing Features of the Different Portfolios

Art portfolios come with many different features to make displaying and transporting artworks and projects easy and safe. To decide which features you need, consider your type of art and the purpose of the case or wallet. Two of the most common features you may want to include is:
1. A shoulder strap - this is important if transporting large, heavy works such as canvases. If travelling long distances, a shoulder strap will provide more support and make it more comfortable.
2. Water Resistant properties - if you travel outside frequently, waterproof material is essential. Our Art Studio cases and wallets will protect your work from the rain and make cleaning them easy with a quick wipe-down.

Art Portfolio Case With Sleeves

If you're the kind of artist who gets inspired on the move, an art portfolio with sleeves is a handy way to ensure you always have everything you need for when the creative muse strikes. Shop our Art Studio cases make it easy for you to travel with art supplies thanks to their sleeves and compartments. Use them to store:
1. Oil pastels
2. Graphite pencils
3. Watercolour pencils
4. Crayons
5. Acrylic paint
6. Gouache
7. Watercolors
8. Varnishes

Benefits Of Having A Presentation Book

If you're into fine art or graphic design, a presentation book will beautifully showcase your best work to others and demonstrate your skills. A good portfolio shows what style and themes you're interested in, as well as reflects your ideas and techniques used to create each project.

An online portfolio is also a fantastic way to display your talent. Whether it's a homepage with eye-catching web design or a professional social media account, portfolio websites and online platforms are perfect for showcasing your work to art schools or potential employers. Wix and WordPress are popular places to start building a portfolio site.

Choose the Right Size Portfolio for Your Needs

Our high-quality art portfolios are available in a range of sizes to suit any art project. We've got large A1 wallets that are clear and designed to hold and protect a variety of works, from drawings to paintings. Easily carry them to and from school or work. We've also got A2 and A3 sized wallets and carry cases for transporting smaller works and providing a handy place to store them safely away.

Different Colours and Materials

Shop our Art Studio portfolios in different colours and materials to match your preferences and requirements. We've got classic black carry cases with a quilted texture for something stylish with extra padding. You can also get a non-woven case for a sleek and modern look.

If you prefer wallets, our plastic wallets come in A1, A2 and A3 with a convenient fold-over top to keep everything in place and protected. The clear colour is also great for giving a sneaky peek as to what's inside!

Our art portfolios use waterproof materials to combat rain and moisture so your precious works will stay dry and safe no matter where they go.

Types of Artwork To Store In a Portfolio

Portfolios are hugely versatile and you can shop them in different materials, sizes and styles to find the right one for you. From large carry cases suitable for canvases to thin folders for sketches - use them to store any numbers of projects, including:
1. Paintings
2. Sketches and drawings
3. Printmaking
4. Photography
5. Writing and poetry
6. Graphic design
7. Web design
8. Digital media
9. Mixed media

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Portfolios

What Is A Portfolio Case?

A art portfolio case is an item that you use to store and carry around your finished work and works-in-progress. They can come in different sizes and styles to support different types of art, from acrylic paintings and drawings to printmaking and mixed media projects. Shop art portfolios in these styles:
1. Carry case
2. Folder
3. Wallet

Why Do You Need An Art Portfolio?

No matter what kind of art you make, an art portfolio is an important method to display your finished work and showcase your talent and style. An art portfolio should be a collection of your best works and capture who you are as an artist.

What Should Be Included In An Art Portfolio?

Whether you're putting together a college portfolio, applying for a job or just want to showcase your work, an art portfolio is an integral way to capture you at your best. Make sure it includes:
1. A variety of your best finished works
2. 100% original projects
3. A neat and tidy arrangement
4. Different media to demonstrate versatility, such as oil, acrylic, pens
5. Professional photographs of your work if online

What Features Should You Look For When Buying An Art Portfolio?

Before you decide which type of art portfolio you need, consider the type of art you do and where you will need to take it. This will determine which features will benefit you the most. Consider an art portfolio with:
1. Waterproof material if travelling outside often
2. Sleeves and compartments if you carry paintbrushes and supplies
3. Handles if you travel long distances